May 08, 2005


Our friends Ryan and Jonika (you may remember them from the Grand Canyon posts) relocated to Dallas right after we got off of the Grand. We got to be their first non-family houseguests and they showed us a great time. Friday we got to visit Ryan at his office in a downtown high-rise. He took us to the famed grassy knoll and we got to hear a myriad of conspiracy theories, see the sixth-floor window in the book depository and the X painted on the road that marks the spot (supposedly) where JFK was shot. (The picture above is a commentary from a visitor to the JFK site, taken from the infamous picket fence.)

Sixth-floor window.

We ate out at fantastic restaurants, throwing our budget aside for the weekend we feasted on sushi and pasta. Saturday we did a bike tour of the city. Dodger and Jonika just bought their first place- a condo in Uptown, so we stopped by there. Nearby is a cemetery filled with prominent Dallas residents. On this particular Saturday a local seventh grade class was performing their Texas History assignment for the public. Each student stood near the grave of some past Dallas resident and acted out that person’s life. This boy was a prominent civil rights leader who died in the 1970’s.

From there we continued the tour around the city. We rode along the Katy trail, a local running/cycling trail made from an old railroad bed with really nice city views all along it. Once the tour was complete we enjoyed a lazy day of movies and board games.

Ryan and Jonika in front of their new place.

Dallas made a really good impression on us. Coming from Colorado as we do, it is bred into us that Texas is bad, but it seems that may not be entirely true ;) Now we are off for East Texas and another stop-over with friends.


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