February 23, 2005

Snowbird, Utah to Heavenly, California

Since we last posted, we skied Snowbird in Utah, returned to Telluride, skied with some of our dearest friends and settled in for the remainder of the ski season, or so we thought.

First we rode Snowbird, which is a big and fun mountain. We spent the day riding bumps and choppy open bowls. Snowbird is worth visiting just for the views, and if you have the money then it is worth visiting for the heli-skiing. We opted for the view and the in-bounds terrain. Special thanks to the Snowbird marketing department for hooking us up with cheap tickets.

If you look closely you can see the sluff from where Dan jumped this cliff, dan is the dark spot below the cliff, lower left.

Inside the tram on the way to the top.

From Snowbird we headed down to Moab to visit Brother Pat in his new home. Friday afternoon we all drove over to Rico (near Telluride) to visit Jamie and Eric (see Sept. 15 post for their pictures). Meredith, Frank and Marc Snider came to visit as well. Frank is Meredith’s brother and one of Dan’s oldest and best friends. We all skied Telluride on Saturday and Sunday and even though they all made me ride bumps all day long, I still love them.

Monday Dan and I began what should have been our routine for the remainder of the winter. We rode for a few hours, then went into Telluride proper and afterwards went to sleep in our camper parked in the 14-day lot. This morning we woke up, had a lazy morning and rode with friend Jon Reed (a Wolf Creek patroller). We were falling into our routine very nicely. Then at noon we got a call from O.C. and everything changed yet again.

Salt Lake City as seen from the top of Snowbird.

O.C. is the guy who hired us to work in Vail at the U.S Freeskiing Open. He offered us a few days of work in the one place we haven’t skied yet and really wanted to, California. So because we are easily bought and will get to ride some new mountains, which have tons of snow, we are currently retracing our steps to Moab, Salt Lake City and then on to Cali. No doubt this will make for a more interesting post then… “T-ride got another 2”, we rode from 10-2, then had beers at the Gorrano. Later, we got chased around the parking lot by the snowplow all night.”

Additional note: My computer has been a naughty boy and apparently has not been “using” protection like he should while hanging out with some seedy programs. He has contracted a nasty virus which is making my life interesting and eternally frustrating. Hopefully I will be able to remedy this in the next few days, otherwise I may chuck this thing out the window while speeding down I-80. Keep your fingers crossed.


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While you are at Heavenly, treat yourself to some skiing at Kirkwood Ski Resort. It's about 45 minutes away and has some of the best snow in the Tahoe area.

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