January 07, 2005

My Perfect Day

I do not profess to know how one goes about writing horoscopes, but here's what mine must have been for today.


Today the cosmos will align for your benefit. Go outside and reap your rewards.

And so it was, the moon, stars, and sun we all perfectly aligned and I was rewarded. In this case the elements in order included:

Our waking up at 10,000' less than a football field's length away from the lift.
A cloudless bluebird sky.
And this snow report:
Summit Base Depth : 110 inches
Last 24 Hours : 5 inches
Last 48 Hours : 34 inches
Last 72 Hours : 43 inches

This is what the view from the first chair looks like.

There is one other element that made this morning perfect. Wolf Creek Ski Area is situated at the top of Wolf Creek Pass. The pass is avalanche prone. When the mountain receives a lot of snow in a short time (say almost 4' in 3 days) the Colorado Department of Transportation will close the pass to drop bombs and trigger slides thus making the pass safe for travel. As such if one were to have camped in the parking lot of said ski area, and the ski area received enough snow that the pass was closed all morning, then one might be able to ski waste deep, 3% powder virtually alone! This was such a day.

We skied for hours and never crossed another track. It was a hero day, when you feel like you could be a pro and every turn feels like you are floating. There is something absolutely amazing about skiing and snowboarding. Here you are outside in the cold and snow, enjoying the silence and beauty of your surroundings, while most people huddle in their homes during the winter. I don't think I could ever be a snowbird, days like today are too special to me.

Dan skiing The Peak.

Wolf Creek still uses old fashioned tickets, we loved that today's word was DEEP, how appropriate!

Scott "Captain" Kay, Wolf Creek's Ski Patrol Director and Dan's boss.

The view from atop the Treasure Lift.

After a day of riding some fantastic powder my legs were throbbing. But wait the perfect day mustn't include leg cramps, what ever could we do? Well folks Pagosa Springs is a mere 30-ish miles from the ski area and what a Spring Pagosa has.

The Springs is the worlds deepest and largest hot spring. It has 17 pools all situated alongside the San Juan River. We were met at The Springs by Paula Miser who treated us to a tour, and a soak. I have been to many hot springs and The Springs is quite possibly my favorite, at least I can say it is my favorite commercial spring.

The Springs is a full fledged resort, complete with spa, salon and hotel. Unfortunately they do not have RV accommodations but it is worth a splurge to stay here for a night. Guests get unlimited access to the hot springs as well as a nice room which is heated by the great spring itself.

Ever seem a palapa with snow on it before?

After our soak my legs had just enough burn left to remind me how great my day was and I melted back into our rig for the drive to Durango.

My perfect day even included working on our blog, which has become such a treat for me.

Thanks to all of you who replied to the last post and if you haven't already please take a moment and add a comment.

Note: Darn! I return every email we get and so I have been sitting here replying to all of your posts. Finally while replying to Peggy from Ridgecrest, CA, I noticed that the return email was to "anonymous-comment@blogger.com", so I am gonna go out on a limb here and bet that none of you got my replies. This is a shame because they were all fantastically witty, literary, masterpieces!
If you would care for a reply from either myself or Dan please include an email address in your posting. Thanks to all for taking the time to write in, it is appreciated, as are your words of encouragement.


Janet said...

Hi You two!

I'm Janet and I have been following you for several months. I am among many who found your site on the RV Forum. ..... You are becoming quite the stars! My husband John and I live in El Cajon .... Just east of San Diego. (Very near Santee ...where you got some help with the fridge)

John and I have a brand new (to us) camper .... in fact we haven't even spent the night in it yet! We hope in the Spring to head down Baja and will certainly use your trip as a guide.

Bye for now!

WhosTheBoss said...

Hey Guys. I just randomly found your sight the other day. It's so cool and I love your pics. The people in the hot springs look nuts to me but hey they look like they're having a great time. I wish I could snowboard or ski.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel and Dan!
Where to begin... Ok, my name is Mikael, and I´m a Finnish underaged RVer. Ok, I´m not technically an RVer yet, but next summer I will be! At the tender age of 22, you could really call me freakishly underaged :). I´m currently living and working in Norway, in order to raise some money for my adventures.

Truck campers are really rare in Europe, I haven´t even seen one in real life. This summer, however, I saw a picture of one in a magazine, and instantly realized that this was the thing for me. I just had to have one! I now plan to take a loan and buy a new camper and an older pickup and become a full timer. Instead of paying rent I can use the money to pay off the loan every month, and live the dream every day!

I really enjoy reading your blog. I found it last October, and read through everything in one marathon session! After that I didn´t visit the site for a while, but now I spent saturday night reading through the posts that I´ve missed. You gotta keep your priorities straight, right? I identify with you guys a lot, as I´m also a skier/boarder. Not a surfer yet, but I aim to become one in the near future. Most of all, though, I identify with your thinking and your way of doing things. Thankfully, I too am not too civilized ;)

I could go on and on, but I think I´m going to save some material to future posts. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys are my inspiration!

Anonymous said...



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