June 18, 2004

Week One

We have officially been full-timers for three whole days. Now I realize that this is a very short amount of time, however, I think I can safely say that I LOVE living in my camper. Everything I need is right here. Dan and I chuckle each time one of asks where something is, "it's in the camper, duh". Where else would it be?

Our first two nights were spent at the Florida Campground, (forest service maintained, $10/night, pit toilets, campfire/ grill pits, plenty of shade and river front spots), just up from Lemon Reservoir. The campsite was fabulous, save for the swarms of mosquitoes. It was right on the river with beach access and a nice, if unproductive, fishing hole right in front.

On Wednesday we headed off on our mountain bikes, or should I say we headed up on our bikes. We climbed for three and a half hours, swearing at each switchback that we MUST be at the top this time. As exhausting as the ride up was, the meadows we saw and the 360 degree views from there made every pedal stroke worth it. And if that wasn't enough, the 45 minute downhill was a blast. After this ride we were a bit tuckered out so we enjoyed our first retiree siesta- something that may have to become a habit.
So far I have read two books, both around 350 pages- I better slow down or I'll run out of books. What a luxury t be able to sit and read for hours on end.

I can safely say that I have not been bored for a minute. We seem to be falling into a routine of up early, breakfast and coffee, morning dishes, morning reading, afternoon activity, (today we are kayaking around the lake), then later lunch, lunch dishes, game of some sort (cribbage, scrabble, bocce ball, etc.), dinner, dishes, evening reading, bed. No time to spare really. Campering is a full-time job.

Currently we are at the Miller Campground on the reservoir (forest service maintained, $12/night, pit toilets, campfire/ grill pits, water, plenty of shade and lake front spots).

Tomorrow we head back into Durango for the wedding of our friends Dusty and Lauren. Saturday we will be in Silverton, preparing for the Red Bull adventure race. Sunday morning we will put our raft on the river, the Upper Animas, row down to No Name, a class V rapid, where we will sit in our boat with safety equipment should any of the racers need assistance. I'll post pictures from the race next week. Here are the pictures from this week.

Florida campground spot #13

Dan adjusting to retirement.

Us during our uphill ride.

View from the ride

Miller campsite #2

Fire damage from 2002 fires.

View from campsite #12

Lake sunset.