June 15, 2004

Full-time and underaged!

So the day is upon us. The last six weeks have been filled with the kind of sweeping life changes that send people into Cybil-like mood swings, depressions and general freak outs. Dan quit his dream job and has no idea what he wants to be the next time he grows up. I graduated from college, without a job prospect. Our doggie died. We sold our home. (This one’s particularly big, because once upon a time owning a home in Durango was our biggest dream. Housing prices are obscene here and selling our home may very well mean that we can never afford to live in Durango again.) We held a slash and burn sale and sold most of our worldly possessions. Anything we didn’t sell has been reduced down to half a Zircon container full of Rubbermaid boxes. And finally we have moved from our 1000 sq. foot home into an 8x11 aluminum can.
This last month in Durango we have become acutely aware of what we are leaving. It is so very easy to take for granted all that you have in your own backyard, especially when day to day life doesn’t allow you to enjoy all of the hiking, biking, kayaking and fishing spots within walking distance of your home. The last two weeks have been nostalgia filled for us. Durango is a truly fabulous town, just perhaps not the most fabulous place for us, right now. However, we realize how blessed we have been to live here all of the years and how spoiled we are to be able to take an entire year to try and find somewhere even better.
First on our itinerary is a “kicking the tires’ trip. Three days at Lemon Reservoir to see if we remembered everything and what we brought that we can leave behind. It is particularly fitting that our journey begins today, June 15th, for this is our wedding anniversary and what better way could we possibly find to spend it?
Today we are officially full-time and underaged.

Old back yard.

New back yard.
If you look closely here you can see the infamous double hitch system.

We are off to camp for probably four days and I doubt we'll be able to post from there. So check back this weekend. Cheers to all.
Dan and Rach.