June 15, 2005

June 15, 2005

Today, June 15, 2005, is an important day for us. Not only is today our wedding anniversary but it also marks one year on the road . Daniel Lawrence Goddard and I have been married for three years and together for ten. Or as we like to think of it, nine regular years and one dog year, for a total of sixteen years. Trust me, you spend every moment of a year with your significant other and tell me it doesn’t count for seven!

Our trip is winding down, we have started searching through want ads and trying to decide what we want to be when we grow up. It is surreal to me that this trip which was just a dream five years ago is almost over now. Again I am overwhelmed by the experiences we have been so fortunate to have, by the people we have met, friends we have visited, family that has nurtured us and the time we have been able to spend with each other.

Not many couples get to really know their spouses like we have this past year. I can tell you honestly that I love Dan more and more every day. Save for the days that he questions my navigating skills, cooking skills, knowledge of geography, history or socially acceptable behavior. Also on occasion when he forces me to listen to pop country I question my love. And when he cleans after I have because of his OCD tendencies then sometimes I wonder. But on every other occasion I know that I have found not only my mate but my best friend and I am eternally grateful for the time and experiences we have been able to share.


heather bates, lmsw said...

Okay I resent the garbage picture! So I will fahgettaboutit! (Traditional NYC spelling). But in all seriousness, what a beautiful post. Your knack for catching all the details and every single word I said for the entire 24 hour whirlwind is uncanny! I am thoroughly impressed. I am also touched at how much this trip meant, how vast and meaningful your journey has been, and how we never miss a beat with husbands and boyfriends in tow. Thank you Rachel and Dan! Raf and I had a wonderful time and I truly miss my roommates, so come and share the corner with Evil Kitty any time!
Oh, and by the way, you did not make me look skinny in that first picture, so we will have to talk next time I see you. :>
Much Love
Heather (and Raf)

Tony said...

You sons of guns. You guys were in Salt Lake City area when my brother was there. He had his eyes peered for a camper truck. You were in Aspen when my dad was there, he saw your truck. You were in NYC when I drove the RV through rush hour traffic. The tolls and bridge tolls kill you. Spent $50 bucks in one day on tolls. Where are you headed got some tipps.

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