June 10, 2005

Capital City

Some final pictures from West Virginia.

We got back onto the Blue Ridge and followed into Shenandoah National Park. We wanted to hike along the famed Appalachian Trail, so the next morning we got up early and hiked for about eight miles. We passed by three waterfalls, were surrounded by fern chocked fields and white tailed deer.

Deer at our Shenandoah campground.

Timber Ratler at our lunch stop.

This is one of the rivots that hold on the milemarkers along the Appalacian Trail.

The Appalacian Trail logo.

Dan hiking the trail.

Wednesday we planned to spend the day touring around Washington, D.C., but were our plans were foiled by a four and a half hour oil change and the need for a new marine battery. After we got all the kinks worked out we made it into the city around 4pm. We unloaded our bikes and rode past many of the Capitals famous buildings. We camped at a state park about 20 miles south of the city.

The U.S. Capital.

The Korean War Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial.

The Supreme Court.

The White House.

The Vietnam Memorial.

Thursday we met up with Rick and Edith for lunch since they happened to be in the city that day too. Then we toured the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and Art Museum as well as the sculpture gardens.

The Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

After our museum tours we had a very special date. We drove out to Silver Springs, MD, where I got to meet my Great Aunt Kitty and Uncle Raymond. Our visit with them was something I will always remember and once again I am overwhelmed at the opportunity we have been given to travel and re-connect with friends and family.

Yesterday was a six-state day, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Dan and I stymied the anxiety attacks which were welling up inside us as we drove I-95 through New York City. Have I mentioned lately that Dan is an excellent driver? We spent the evening in Branford, CT with my cousin Heather and her husband Lee. Today we will board the train to NYC, leaving the rig safely parked in CT, and will rendezvous with my long-time friend Heather Bates, in Grand Central Station- wish us luck!


heather bates, lmsw said...

Wow! Your photo of Dan in front of the Vietnam Memorial (and Freedom is Not Free) are Incredible!

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