August 04, 2005

A Hitch in the Giddy Up

This is not quite the end...

Just when we thought things were going to settle down, life throws us another curve ball. Dan returned last week from his whirlwind tour of Thailand. His sister is doing really well and we are very relieved that she is safe and healing. Dan on the other hand seems to have brought home a nasty virus, most likely Dengue Fever. Dengue is also known as Broken Bone Fever, since the accompanying joint and bone pain is excruciating. After eight hours in the ER and a follow up visit with an Infectious Disease Specialist, we now know that whatever it is, it will just have to run its course and all we can do is keep him doped up and comfortable. I really wanted to post a picture of him administering his own IV of saline, but he refused to let me photograph him.

In the midst of all of this chaos we have made a few decisions. We have both found employment in Aspen and will be moving there over the next couple of weeks. That is assuming Dan can stand up by then.

Our trip has come to an end in a rough and abrupt manner. While I have not had the time to reflect that I had wanted I can’t just simply say goodbye to you all or to this site. So instead I will simply say Que les vaya bien. And I will do my best to finish this blog with a follow-up in a few weeks, letting you all know where exactly we have landed and more about what we have learned.

Que les vaya bien = [may you] travel well.


Anonymous said...

Did I hear somthing about a river trip? The Chama is afun little river. JR

Anonymous said...

We hope that everything turns out Ok for you two. We have been following your blog for sometime now and appreciate the lifestyle you are leading. Take care and get well soon.


SP said...

Dear Rachael and Dan,

Thanks for the year-long travel adventure saga. I've enjoyed all of it. From purchasing your camper, travelling thru the US into Mexico and beyond.

To many of us don't stop to smell the roses. Your account of your journey inspires us to set out on our own!

All our best to you and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Dan.

Hearty thanks from your friends in Oregon,

SP and MP

Anonymous said...

Hi again you two. Your adventures have inspired many of us this year and in fact... Our new adventure is on the assembly line in the Monaco Plant in Oregon.. What the heck, can't save it forever, right? Thanks again for a year's worth of enjoyment, Larry

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