July 13, 2005

Beginning of the End.

The beginnings of a plan are starting to take hold. After two weeks in Ohio, we are ready to hit the road again. And where are we heading, you might be asking?? Well it isn’t very original but, we are off for Colorado. Seems home for us lies in the Rocky Mountains and no matter how we try and rationalize it, we love Colorado more than the opportunities that a new place might present. Tomorrow morning we hit the interstate for the 30-hour drive west.

We will be traveling for the remainder of July, then the trip money really has run out and we must settle back into a more conventional lifestyle, for at least a little while. For me this isn’t a sad time, a bit crazy and unsure, but not sad. We have always been very task oriented. We set out to travel for a year and accomplished that goal. What an amazing year it has been. So instead of being sad, this is a celebratory time and I intend to keep that theme throughout my last remaining posts.

Over the course of the next few weeks, it is my intention to reflect upon our trip, perhaps list some mistakes, some triumphs and even a few humorous antidotes that will help to close this chapter and perhaps help one of you begin your own. Who knows, maybe we still have one or two more adventures left to enjoy before we find our new home.

Let me take this opportunity to start thanking those who have helped us along the way, beginning with all of you who read this site. It seems that I failed miserably at being unemployed, so I created a job for myself along the way. Maintaining this site has been so much fun for me. I thank all of you for keeping me motivated and helping to create this lasting record of our journey.

The generosity shown to us by strangers whose acquaintance we made only through emails, has been overwhelming. Over forty people emailed us with offers of free lodging, meals or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Many offered advice, solicited or not, but always read and considered. Some of you taught us things we really needed to know, like how to go clamming, how to repair our fridge, batteries, and heater, where to camp and where to avoid. You even helped us decided where to move.

And in the tradition of Bud Light commercials… We salute you, faceless travel blog reader. You aren’t afraid to correct our spelling and historical errors. You freely offer advice and are willing to wait days or weeks for a reply email. You click the ads and you, faceless blog reader, have helped us to stay on the road and realize our dream. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dan and Rachel,

I love your site and miss ya'll a lot! hope that this is not the end but the beginning of another great adventure for you both.

Hope that when you arrive "home" you'll stop in for dinner and a few beers- Pinstripe or whatever else!

Take care
Mich & Steve

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I am sorry to see this come to an end, for you guys and your readers. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your wonderful photography, since day one. I can tell that you two touch the hearts of all that know you. What a wonderful diary you have of the last year. The memories you have with Dan and the stories you can tell your children in the future will bring years of contentment to both of you. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life.
Gene Siesky

Kris & Ken said...

Feliz Cumpleanos a Rachel,
Birthday greetings to a special lady from one of your favorite places, Sayulita! Had you not shared your wonderful adventures with us we might have missed this magical place. You gave us a year long gift of your writings and pictures, thank you so much!! We will toast you this evening as the big warm orange sun hits the cool blue Pacific Ocean.
Best wishes for you and Dan in whatever comes next.
Kris y Ken

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you two for whatever comes next. I'm thinking you won't entirely give up RVing after all the fun you've experienced, so when you need a break from winter's cold you will always be welcome to pack up your camper and stay on our lot in Yuma, whether we are there or not! And one of these times, maybe we'll get to meet up in Coos Bay and catch some really big clams!

Thank you for your online friendship and allowing us to come along on your ride. You did a marvelous job and touched a lot of lives.
Live happy,
Claudia & Marc
Fulltime RVers

Margie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with everyone during the past year. I've been a reader since the beginning (George referred your website to me). Your photos have been beautiful. Good luck with the next chapter of your life, whatever that may be.

Margie in TN

TiogaRV said...

Dear Rachel and Dan,

Wow! To stop traveling is tough! I wonder about that for myself. Traveling is sooooo addicting.

I will continue to check on your site and hope that will post something about what is going on in your lives from time to time?

Bye for now,
George, MsTioga and The Team

Anonymous said...

Rachel and Dan,

Wow I can't believe you are coming to the end. I also found your website from George's site. I have been following your travel since the beginning. Your photography is wonderful. Good luck with your next chapter in life. And keep us posted from time to time.


Anonymous said...

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